The Diabetes Centre

Offers integrated medical care and wellness education with a multi-disciplinary team of medical and allied health professionals under one roof to help you manage your condition that is efficient and less costly for you.

Specialist Medical Consultation

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  • Diabetologist / Endocrinologist
  • Surgical consultation
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Personalized diabetes care

Diabetes Specialist Nurse

  • Ongoing education and support
  • Optimisation of blood glucose control
  • Insulin start-up and adjustment
  • Specific advice for control


  • Individual and group consultation


  • Foot risk assessment
  • Wound and ulcer care
  • High risk diabetic foot care and advice

Psychiatrist / Clinical Neuropsychologist

  • Coping and evaluation assessments / programmes

Education and Support Groups

  • Small group sessions and structured education


  • Individualized and prescribed group exercise programmes and assessments

Retinal Photography

Pre-diabetes Screening and Counseling


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